sewage cleanup






Raw sewage contains extremely high amounts of harmful bacteria and is the most difficult type of water damage to mitigate. If you have a sewer line break or sewage backup, we are your sewage cleanup and sewage removal experts in the Las Vegas area.

Proper Sewage
Clean Up Procedures
How to clean up sewage contaminated items and sewage spills inside your home:
Wear protective clothing such as rubber boots
and waterproof gloves while cleaning up the
spill or handling contaminated items.
Wash all linens and clothing in hot water or
professionally dry clean.
Discard items that cannot be adequately
cleaned in hot water or dry cleaned, such as
mattresses, carpeting, wall coverings and
upholstered furniture. Assume anything
touched by sewage to be contaminated.
Clean walls, hard-surfaced floors, and other
household surfaces with soap and water. Then,
disinfect with a solution of 1/4 cup of bleach in
one gallon of water. Once clean up is complete,
dry out affected items to prevent the growth
of mold.
WARNING: Do not mix ammonia
cleansers with bleach as toxic vapors will
Do not eat any food that may have come in
contact with flood water or sewage.