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We have been successfully involved in providing exemplary remediation of mold in and around the Las Vegas area and we possess the skills necessary for removing mold in this area of the country. All of our technicians are trained in mold remediation and most are also licensed asbestos workers. Each has completed an extensive OSHA required medical evaluation and each has workers compensation insurance as provided by Mold Eliminators. Each technician and supervisor performing work at your residence is employed by Mold Eliminators. We do not sub-contract out our remediation work.



We are a service corporation and are unsurpassed experts in the field of mold remediation and removal. We are experts in the fields of asbestos abatement, HVAC system/duct cleaning and decontamination as well as restoration industry services.

We provide remediation services for commercial, residential, industrial and municipal applications. We conduct mold remediation according to the highest standards- the International Association of Mold Remediation Specialist’s Guidelines for Mold Remediation. These guidelines meet or exceed the NYC Department of Health and California Department of Health standards.